Searching for a good accommodation in Tallinn? We have something for you! Here you will find great deals at great prices affordable for everyone. Stag friendly hotels | Hostels | Backpackers Hotels | Apartments and Hotels are waiting for you. Families, business travelers, couples and groups will find a suitable accommodation for a complete rest. All hotels shown on the site have a good ranking and reputation. We offer accommodation in hotels from the most simple hotels till four star hotels. From individual apartments till luxurious estates. Basically, all the rooms that we offer are calculated for two persons (Double or Twin and Standard rooms), but you can ask about the availability of other rooms on our site, by writing to e-mail: For larger groups, we offer accommodation for an attractive group price.

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City Hotel: Budget
Looking for a budget price hotel and want to save some money for other activities in Tallinn? Check ..
Country Club & Spa
Vihula Manor is a charming 16th century estate with two main manor house buildings, 25 other histori..
Deluxe Apartment
Deluxe Apartment has modern interior, sauna and suitable for a big group of friends. You will have e..
Ecoland Hotel
Ecoland Hotel in Tallinn has spacious, full of light and air rooms are disposed to recreation and ma..
Economy Hotel
Need a hotel without any extra amenities, but a convenient location in a quiet area of the city? whi..
Gotthard Residence
Gotthard Residence Hotel - is a comfortable hotel conforming to all modern requirements, with an atm..
Kreutzwald Hotel
Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn has 50 comfortable and stylish standard rooms with high ceilings, all fresh..
Olevi Residents
Olevi Residents Hotel in Tallinn has comfortable rooms are and full of light, yet you can feel the a..
St.Olav Hotel
St.Olav Hotel opened its doors on the most widest streets of the old town. Hotel is situated in a un..
Stackelberg Hotel
Hotel Von Stackelberg in Tallinn - is a comfortable and elegant lifestyle hotel created in the 19th ..
Studio Apartment
Basic, small, but comfortable apartment in Tallinn and only 15 min walk from Old Town. Suitable for:..
Studio Apartment Premium
Premium apartment in Tallinn and only 15 min walk from Old Town. Suitable for: couples, corporate, i..
Studio Apartment Premium
Premium studio apartment is very comfortable place in Tallinn. You will have everything for a great ..
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